Colorado Children's Automobile Safety Foundation

Our mission is simple. Education & advocacy, community assistance & action.
With a regional presence, we reach out to all communities with educational programs and services.


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Important notes: (1) Please read 'Contact Us' (2)You will see that in the 'Goals' listing below we do not list "free" car seats, because we do not provide car seats on any other basis than a short term emergency loan. Please plan to purchase a car seat for each child, inquire about a Car Seat Angel, or make your own arrangements.  Thank you for your continued support, call us with any question.


Our Goals:

• Facilitating NHTSA certification training,

• Car Seat Angel¬©, community based car seat assistance programs,

• Partnership & Coalition building,

• Parent/care giver/grandparent education,

• Sustainable community resource and financial development

• Video production and web enabled Internet services.



Come with us as we work to make sure every child who needs a car seat has the correct one and every parent who has questions, gets the answers. We are an education & assistance foundation that empowers with knowledge for safety and change. Car seats need to fit the child, the car and be used safely every time. Thanks for visiting.



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Challenges 2014


If you have read my blog/ramblings in the past you know that safety is part of my shtick. I live with technology, having lived for it for many years. If you've been tried to reach me since Friday June 20th, thanks for your patience.

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The state of Child Passenger Safety

As we approach the mid of 2014, these are some reflections on child passenger safety and education in my community, Boulder, Colorado.

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